First Maryland Disability Trust and PLAN of Maryland-D.C., Inc. are proud to announce a new strategic affiliation that will expand access to high-quality trust resources and case management for individuals with special needs and their families throughout Maryland. Learn more.

Who We Are

First Maryland Disability Trust's Board of Directors

About First Maryland Disability Trust’s Board of Directors

In 2005, First Maryland Disability Trust, Inc. was formed by a group of disability and elder law attorneys from across the state of Maryland. We knew that public benefit programs alone could never meet all the needs of an individual with disabilities. At that time, Maryland did not have any statewide pooled asset trusts able to accept assets directly from individuals with disabilities. Together, this group of attorneys became founding board members.

Our shared vision of this non-profit organization is to benefit Marylanders with disabilities while preserving their assets and access to public benefits. Rather than spending down income and assets to meet public program limits, our trusts preserve and protect assets and access to services. Pooling assets from many individuals improves quality of life, access to benefits, and creates more efficient trustee services and trust management. This benefits both the pooled asset trust participants as well as the public. 

Since its inception nearly two decades ago, First Maryland Disability Trust has expanded to also offer clients non-pooled asset trusts. This ensures that our clients are able to access the right trust solution for their particular circumstances.

Today, our board of directors includes disability advocates and family members of individuals with disabilities.

Board of Directors

First Maryland Disability Trust’s Board of Directors is comprised of professionals from across the fields of financial planning, legal, healthcare, academic, and advocacy. While each board member brings their unique experience to the table, they also share certain commonalities. Our board members are all highly accomplished professionals who share a passion for working with, and on behalf of, the disabled community.

Learn more about this outstanding group who plays a critical role in advancing our mission.


First Maryland Disability Trust's Board of Directors President Kenneth Hoefer

Kenneth Hoefer, Esq.

Alex J. Zarzecki, Esq
Vice President

First Maryland Disability Trust's Board of Directors Michael Levine Vice President & Treasuer

Michael I. Levine, Esq.

First Maryland Disability Trust's Board of Directors Mallory Legg Secretary

Mallory Legg, Esq.


First Maryland Disability Trust Board of Directors Fred Whiton

Fred Whiton

First Maryland Disability Trust Board of Directors May-Lis Manley

May-Lis Manley, Esq.

First Maryland Disability Trust Board of Directors David Goldfarb

David Goldfarb

First Maryland Disability Trust Board of Directors Natasha Ludwig

Natasha Ludwig, Ph.D

Christopher Blair

Andrew Mazan

Elena Sallitto

Jessica Young

Our Team

Denise W. Fike, CEO
[email protected]

Charles Franz, Counsel
[email protected]

Mary Hamme, CPA
[email protected]

JaNell Miller, Senior Trust Administrator
[email protected]

Bernard Barnes, Trust Administrator
[email protected]

Nicole Martinez, Trust Administrator
[email protected]

Barbara Gourdin, Trust Assistant
[email protected]

Stephanie Reece, Senior Trust Administrator
[email protected]

Emily Hennebaul, Trust Assistant
[email protected]

Taylor Glezen, Trust Administrator, Paralegal
[email protected]

Colleen Kruft, Trust Assistant
[email protected]

Molly Rose, Disbursements Specialist
[email protected]

Lee Ann Shope, Office Manager
[email protected]

Our own Executive Director Denise Fikes was featured in Baltimore Magazine’s “30 Women Who Move Maryland.”

“As a corporate trustee, Denise Fike’s firm provides cost-effective trust management for people with disabilities to protect, maintain, and use trust assets while preserving their clients’ eligibility for public and private benefits. Working with clients, families, and agencies to improve our clients’ quality of life, we help families create a secure plan for the future of their loved one.” 

— Baltimore Magazine, “30 Women Who Move Maryland”

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