FMDT accepts new beneficiaries and their families through referral from attorneys, advocacy and public agencies, through the Maryland Courts or Financial Planners.


FMDT does not provide legal advice and so we recommend that all potential clients, whether individuals or families, first meet with an attorney experienced in special needs planning.

In addition to referring potential clients to attorneys, FMDT is available to assist attorneys in all areas of practice. We often speak with Litigation Attorneys regarding their clients who may be on benefits or assist in determining benefits. We take in funds from structured settlements or direct lump sum settlements.

For the Estate & Trusts or Elder Law Attorneys, our First Party Pooled Trust is a great tool for those funds not planned for such as an inheritance or retroactive SSA awards. Our Third Party Pooled Special Needs Trust is a valuable planning tool, especially for those clients with limited funds to provide for a family member. We are also able to serve as corporate trustee for those stand alone First Party or Testamentary trusts that you are creating!


FMDT’s Team is able to assist you with those clients who are planning for the future or who may have an existing Trust and need a corporate Trustee while you manage the funds.

Whatever the need, FMDT’s team is happy to meet with you and your clients.

First Maryland Disability Trust

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